General Rules


EVERYONE at the track must have their wrist band on don’t pull away from gate without yours on. Anyone who doesn’t have one will be escorted to gate to buy another. So make sure the girls put them on you when you pay the first time. PLEASE AND THANK YOU

PLEASE do not wait til last minute to go to staging lanes for tech.

ALSO have all SAFETY equipment with you this will be checked ALSO.
Everyone MUST have a neck collar and all other applicable safety equipment for times your car runs. YOU WILL BE CHECKED BEFORE WATER BOX OR IN BOX—NO NECK protection or GLOVES you will be out. PLEASE WEAR THEM.

PLEASE pull into lanes at a angle from one side to the other so when we draw you can pull your cars straight out into middle lanes and line up as paired. THIS IS IMPORTANT to run smooth and fast.

IF you have antifreeze in your car get it out we will check in tech. Remember to drain your catch cans I have seen several races go wrong this year over water and oil coming from catch can.

If anyone changes something on their car after tech that would make it illegal and you are caught any time even in winners circle you will be disqualified and FORFEIT all winning!

Do not pass scales! They r drive on and located on return road. If your opponent does even if he won he will be out and if you weight you will go to next round.

If you fail to start to pulling in water box from staging lanes and whoever you are racing chooses not to wait on you………..You will be put on a 2 minute clock. If you die while in burnout, burn out box or pulling into beams and can not re fire and your opponent stages up you will be put on a 1 minute clock. This APPLIES TO ALL RACERS. There HAS to be some kind of ground rules.

If you roll the beams when your opponent has top light on you are out, don’t care what tree does I am telling you rolling beams when someone is staged in top prestage light is a redlight rather the tree catches it or not. Roll the beams before opponent prestages and you back up before he gets top prestage on then you will be ok.  Starter will be on tree and make the call.

1 Burnout attempt period make it count. You can turn tire over in water box

We do not burn out past beams. Do not even flicker the top prestage light or you will be out.

Water burn outs only.

Courtesy staging in effect.

Deep staging allowed.

No times shown—No times sleeps given—No test hits—No gruge racing during event

If anything flies off of your car and crosses the centerline in front of, beside, under, over, in other car eye site, etc before the finish line you will be out. So to be even MORE specific if anything flies of your car and crosses the center line and it isn’t completely after your opponent is completely ahead of you in the other lane you will be out.

Also hitting the wall at Redemption even in your own lane is a automatic DQ………SO LIFT IT IS NOT WORTH IT!!!!!!!!!!!!! You have to actually cross the center line to be DQ’d not just touch it.  CREW……when your car goes you go off line. Drivers you are responsible for your crew if they cause issue then you also pay for their mistake and could be DQ’d.


———–LISTEN TO ANNOUCER————————IF you cannot hear you will have know this all day so you better have someone with you whos sole job is to let you know what is going on and when you should get in the lanes!!!!!!!!! FAIR WARNING……… I cannot hear IS NOT excuse. .RUN ORDER WILL CHANGE THROUGH THE DAY SO I CAN RUN FINALS TOGETHER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
AGAIN…… ALL This is A tentative PLAN MANY MANY things can affect this so LISTEN TO THE ANNOUNCER there is A LOT of money on the line and it isn’t fair to the other guy who is in lanes ready when called if you are not!

If you chose to run two classes on same day you better be able to get right back to lanes. I will not hold up the race. So if you draw last pair in one class and first pair in another class then your losing in one of them. So consider this STRONGLY before entering two classes.

ALL these things make for a better day for all of us, staff, racers, and most importantly the fans who without we could not pay these purses. Please everyone just do what we all know to do and lets have a great weekend of racing.



We have the right to refuse any racer that’s why you should ask first. We are a family and you will not find someone who tries hard to be fair to all and wants this type of racing to continue to thrive for the racers, and the fans. We just want to part of making Drag Racing Great Again!