Class Rules



Diaper must cover the sides of the block and pan up to within

one inch of the head mating surface and extend to within

1 1/2 inches of the front and rear of the cylinder case area.

Or a belly pan may be used in of diaper. The belly pan must extend

from framerail to framerail and extend forward of the harmonic

balancer and to the rear of the engine block and must incorporate

a minimum 2-inch-high lip on side and 3 in lip on front and back

 A nonflammable, oil-absorbent liner mandatory inside of pan.

Belly pan must attach with min. of 3 attachment points on each side.

And maintain a 3inch ground clearance to prevent tripping the beams.

Redemption 2018 Points Series Class Rules

——-1st and Foremost——-

All cars MUST BE within the spirit of the class they are running

***** Note at bottom page pertaining to this as well*****

ALL Safety items for times your car run MUST be conformed to tech to clear cars for safety items per their sanctioning body. “ALL” drivers MUST have a neck collar or restraint in ALLLLLLLL Class. No exceptions of any one in any class. 

Any questions or concerns please contact us at Redemption No Prep

5.80 Index Class

6.0 Index Class

6.50 Index Class

Daily Driver Class

Junior Brackets Class

Old School Outlaws Class

Outlaw Big Tire Class

Outlaw True Street Class

Run What Cha’ Brung Class

Small Tire Class

Small Tire Saturday Class

Sportsman Class

Truck and Wagon Class

True Street Class


I will have final call on cars in these class— If car is questionable, 3 person committee who run in said class will be consulted and vote if they feel the fits the spirit of our racing.  There just isn’t a perfect solution for rules there are grey area cars!!!!! If you have questionable car please contact me. Especially BIG TIRE (shanmorgan68@gmail.com)

We have the right to refuse any racer that’s why you should ask first. We are a family and you will not find someone who tries hard to be fair to all and wants this type of racing to continue to thrive for the racers, and the fans. We just want to part of making Drag Racing Great Again!