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Payouts for Redemption 14!!!

We are coming back to our home track Xtreme Raceway Park.

Here are the classes and payouts for that weekend.


Friday Classes and Payout

$5k–Small —Entry $250/16 car min

$5k–Big Tire —Entry $250/16 car min

To be Separated by No2/All Small Blk and BB


$2k–True Street — $2K win Entry $125/8car min

7.0 Index—-$250 plus entries—Entry $125-16 Min-32max

6.0 Index—- $250 plus entries—Entry $100-16 min-32max

Saturday Classes and Payouts

$10K—Outlaw Small —Entry $250/16 Cars

$10K—Outlaw BIG — Entry $250/16 Cars

$5k–Outlaw Street— Entry $200/16 Cars

$3k–Truck Class— Entry $200/8 Trucks

Davinci Carbs 5.80—$750 plus entries—Entry $100-16 min 32 max

6.50— $250 plus entries—Entry $100-16 min 32 max

JR will Run BOTH DAYS—Racer/Sponsor Kids Only NOT   open JR class

Saturday—–2nd Chance for Small and Big Tire

1st and 2nd rd Losers

Timing Permitting-$100 Entry I will add $500 on top

Must have 8 cars





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