Stock Suspension Cars or Frame rail Ladder Bar (No backhalf cars) 12/27/2017 Clarification made

Stock looking interior back seat deletes okay

NO pass seat needed

Bolt in front end in factory location okay

Must have Stock Firewalls can be notched for clearances if needed

Working Headlamps and Tail Lamps

Ladder Bars allowed (must have factory frame rails)

No wheelie bars

No Front Struts on car that didn’t come factory with (must bolt in factory location if so)

Unlimited power adders

TIRE SIZE for Outlaw Street

Must race and cruise on same tire no changing of tires or wheels

Must be DOT

Approved tires—-M/T 275, 3753, 3754, 3754X, 3454, 3554, 3753R, 3754R, Hoosier QTP 17601

(No Pro Bracket Radials, Slicks–none of these 3354R, 315 drag radial or like)

30 to 35 Mile cruise from track listen we will give 15 min warning and call you to line up

Must race on tires that you cruise on

Can’t change tires any point after cruise must race on same tires unless there is damage to a tire in which case notify me and  I will have tech person to inspect damaged tire before approved to change.