Again thank you to all the amazing fans, sponsors, media and racers for helping make Redemption what it is today and where we are going. Our 2018 Season

Congrats to all the Points Champions from 2017 and Thank you to SDPC and Phils Trailers and Continental Cargo




Small Tire–Cody Jones

Old School Big Tire–Chuck Seitsinger

True Street–Jeff Speer

RWYB –Kayla Morton

JR Dragster –Barrett Nicholson

Factory Street –Brent Baker

7.0 –Bryan Mcclain

Outlaw Small Tire – Keith Szabo

Outlaw Big Tire –Kayla Morton

Outlaw Street—Duane Biddle

Sportsman –Ray Garcia

Truck/Tailgate—Billy Rains

Davinci 5.80—Paul Payne

6.50—Jessie Garza














Thursday—Vendors and Racers ONLY

3pm to 9pm—Racers and Vendors



9am—Racers and Vendors Left

10am to Noon—Tech

NOON—Champions Club, Suites, VIP, Starting line Access TICKET HOLDERS ONLY—CAN be purchased at gate

1pm— Spectator Gates Open —Tickets CAN be purchased at gate day of race also


2:15 pm—DRIVERS MEETING—Redemption Trailer—MANDATORY/1st round Chip Draw in Staging Lanes (no cars)

3:15pm—True Street Cruise Line up and cruise

3:45pm—Drivers Parade with Kids

Racing to start 20 mins after last True Street Car pulls into staging lanes (4:30ish)

Winners Circle Party after Finals


9 am—Racers and Vendors Left

9 am to Noon—Tech

11am—Champions Club, Suites, VIP, Starting line Access TICKET HOLDERS ONLY—CAN be purchases at gate

Noon— Spectators Gates Open — All tickets CAN be purchased at gate day of race


1:15pm—DRIVERS MEETING— Redemption Trailer—MANDATORY/1st round Chip Draw in Staging Lanes(no cars)

2:15pm—True Street Cruise Line up and cruise

2:45pm—Drivers Parade with Kids

Racing to start 20 mins after last True Street Car pulls into staging lanes

——Times on Costume Contest to be announced will be AFTER couple rounds of racing and kids big wheel races also.  Cash and Prizes.

Winners Circle Party after Finals


$40.00 Weekend

25.00 single day

150.00 Vip

100.00 Starting Line Wall Acces

4.00 Kids 5 to 12

Free 0 to 4

Spectator Side Fence Motorhome 100.00 for Weekend does not include entry

Racer Fence in Grass with Hook ups 150.00



Ok to register for points for those who didn’t get to at Ennis.


Send as family and friends so no fee to Redemption as this money is going directly back to you racers at our party in October.

It is $100.00 per class you want to get points in.

Make sure DRIVER NAME and CLASS is in memo line with payment. AGAIN make sure DRIVER NAME and CLASS or CLASSES in memo LINE



Chris Hamilton—$200.00—Small tire FRIDAY and SATURDAY

James Love—$200.00—Big FRIDAY and OUTLAW BIG SATURDAY




Come on Out and See History Made N/T Racing with some of your favorite Small tire No Prep cars at the NHRA SPRING NATIONALS












Thank you to all who came racers, fans, sponsors. I will have full write this weekend on results. Everyone is already asking about 2017 schedule. I am working on it and we have some very big things in the works so if everyone could say a prayer for these things to go well, it will help build Redemption family bigger and better for the up coming season. The numbers in from bangshift are mind blowing, People from 100 different countries log in to watch our little race who could have ever dreamed 3 years ago we grow this to something like that. I sit here humbled and in shock at what we all have done as a group.  Again thank you to ALL who were involved in growing our series and the success we are having it is all of us that make this happen we are all blessed to have each other and a great family of fans and racers.





 Texas Original No Prep Series has decided to go “On the Road”*

First we must say……………..

Thank You to all the fans, racers and sponsors who have helped us grow to where we needed a larger venue. I’d like to thank Texas Raceway and their staff for giving us the opportunity to start something that has gotten bigger and better with every race. Without Cindi, Dave, Gary, Carol and their staff we wouldn’t have made it this far. I can’t thank them enough. I would also like to give credit to the guys on the TV shows that support Redemption. They have been key in bringing MANY new fans to the sport we love and in bringing many old racing fans back out to the track. They have to be recognized for this as it is undeniable SO “Thank You” to all of them and their show. I would also like to thank the Big Don, GM at Tulsa Raceway Park, Keith Haney and Todd Martin for their faith in our family to step up and give us the opportunity to do this BIG league

A little back ground about how Redemption even happened. A couple years ago I went with Boosted to a KOTS race and I was hooked. I realized then that we had racers that needed a similar type race and we were going to do it. Then boom with some initial guidance from Boosted and a crazy idea we have Redemption 1.0 a couple months later. I had a dream that we could grow Redemption to be the best and who would of thought in April 2014 just 5 races ago when we started with 3 classes that paid all entry fees plus a little cash that we would grow to be this and be able to have payouts over $100K in one weekend. We did this without any big money sponsors or investors; We did it with hard work, a lot of sweat, sometimes tears on my part and team work between the racers and fans. We did this by giving back, being a family, and not being greedy. Most of you racers started out as street racers and/or guys with nothing but TnT and grudge racing with no class to fit into or were pushed out by big money teams from classes you fit in. Redemption will continue to strive to always be about these type of racers FIRST! I know that our payouts are drawing the attention of big money guys, however I PERSONALLY promise we will continue to make every effort to keep this where at any given race someone new can be in the winners circle not just someone rich. Nothing can succeed without growth, growth means change and we will continue to do that as needed. In just 2-1/2 short years you guys are the ones sitting in the lime light being followed by people across the country. You guys are the reason we are getting sponsors to step up and help now. As we grow so will the rewards. I don’t know where the limit is or how long our ride is gonna last, but lets make it the best while we have it. Redemption and no prep in general has a fan base 2nd to none now. Thanks to all racers, their families their crew and their fans. I’ve always preach we are a family, these are not just words to me………….. I mean it. I will always be about my guys first! As ya’ll know I love to call all Redemption racers my guys. I will always go to bat for ya’ll not matter what or where we are, whether it’s a Redemption race or somewhere else I will stand up for what is right. Lets continue to grow our family and help be a part of the now legendary quote by Wes Buck “Lets make drag racing great again”.

Now to what you have all waited for since July 16th! See below……………………

Redemption 6.0—OVER $100K in PAYOUTS over 2 days. Something for everyone the racers choice you won’t wanna miss this one!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We have partnered with Tulsa Raceway Park to be their first ever No Prep Race. We have worked hard to bring this race to you at their beautiful facility and I am beyond excited. Nothing has changed except our race location and the amenities that Tulsa Raceway Park has to offer us being a larger facility. Be patient with us as the website is new and we will be continually updating the rest of the website. We couldn’t hold off any longer to let you know where we are going and what we are doing. Tickets will be available in the next week or so. HOWEVER PLEASE CHECK OUT THE CLASSES AND PAYOUTS BELOW*

November 25 and 26, 2016 Classes and Payouts

Friday Classes and Payout

$5k–True Street–$4k win $500 R/u $250 Semi—–Entry $200.00/16 car min

$6100k–Truck Race–$4500k win $1k r/u $300 semi—-Entry $250/16 car min

$10k–Small Tire–$ 8k win $1k r/u $500 semi—-Entry $300/16 car min (NO BIG BLOCK TWINS FOR SMALL TIRE ON FRIDAY– ONLY– THEY ARE ALLOWED IN SATURDAY MAIN EVENT)

$10k–Old School Outlaws–$8k win $1k r/u $500semi—-Entry $300/16 car min


Saturday Classes and Payouts

$10k–Outlaw Street–$ 8k win $1k r/u $500 semi—-Entry $300/16 car min

$10k–Sportsman–$ 8k win $1k r/u $500 semi—-Entry $300/16 car min

$25K–Small Tire–$20k win $1500r/u $750 semi $500 ¼—-FREE—-20 car min

$25K–Outlaw —$20k win $1500r/u $750 semi $500 ¼—-FREE—-20 car min

Factory Street–$250.00 plus all entries—Entry $100/10 min(32 car max)  80%winner 20% r/u

6.50——$250.00 plus all entries—-Entry $100.00/10 car min (32 car max)  80% winner 20% r/u

In The Words of Drag Illustrated own Wes Buck………..


We our growing fans and that’s what we intend to do, Redemption we are a family all of us racers, fans, sponsors!